Kids Vision and Binocular assessment

You have probably never thought about getting your child’s eyes tested if they don’t seem to have any symptoms. 
It is very important to screen children’s vision during their development to make sure, everything is growing the way it should.
This includes: Vision, how well the eyes work together and if they can focus from distance to near. Tasks and skills they will need to perform their best during their schooling years.
It is recommended that children get their eyes assessed before starting school and then on a 2yearly basis, unless you notice a change!
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Binocular assessment: 

The primary assessment for young children to the age of  6 is, measuring how well their eyes and visual neural system work as a team. This is where we can find small eye turns or Amblyopia, which can be treated and improved upon.

Cylcoplegic refraction:

Kids eyes are very strong at overcoming a regular refraction, you and I might be used to. It is therefore important to use special dilating drops to overcome this. These eye drops take about 30-40min to fully dilate their pupils, allowing us to accurately assess their vision.
In combination, these two assessments allow an accurate and comprehensive assessment.