Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes is a whole body condition. This means that it does not only affect the blood vessels. It also affects, your feet, bones and vital organs; such as the eyes. 
Becasue the blood vessels in the eyes are very small and fragile, any slight change in the levels of sugar in your blood, has a big affect on the structure of these blood vessels. As they are not covered by skin or other tissue, they are also a great place to assess the level of suagr control. 
We look for things such as, leaky vessels, which may spill blood and fluid onto the retina.

What is involved

It is recommended to assess your eye for Diabetic changes, known as Diabetic Retinopathy, every 12 months. This is acheived by using special dilating eye drops, that dilate your pupils, making it easier for the whole retina to be looked at. These drops can sometimes make your vision slightly blurry for a couple of hours, so its advised to bring along sunglasses and someone who can drive you back home.